It involves preserving eggs, semen, and embryos at extremely low temperatures in liquid nitrogen tanks, ensuring their viability in optimal condition for an extended period. Our cutting-edge technology, imported supplies, and stringent biosafety protocols guarantee the highest standard of cryopreservation for cells, tissues, and embryos obtained through assisted fertilization.

First Egg Cryopreservation Center – First born with cryopreserved eggs

In 1997, CER opened the first bank in America to store frozen eggs. In this way, the possibility of obtaining their own eggs at the time of life when they are of better quality was made available to women who consult us, with the purpose of guaranteeing future fertility, at the time when the woman has need to use them. Our egg bank also provides an invaluable service to women who must undergo chemo or radiotherapy treatment that could damage their sexual gametes (eggs). CER also has the possibility of preserving part of the healthy ovarian tissue of women who must undergo cancer treatment, so that it can be transplanted again when they have recovered.

Frequently Asked Questions in Fertility Preservation