Many women cannot achieve their dream of having a child because they do not have eggs, either due to advanced age, because they have been treated for diseases such as cancer or because they have reached menopause early for different reasons. For this reason, CER created the First Egg Donation Program in Latin America in 1987, through which women who voluntarily wish to donate some of their eggs can help other women achieve pregnancy.

Thanks to this possibility, a couple of two men can also form a family.

Nowadays, women who donate eggs must be used with the primary purpose of helping others become mothers. These women are selected at the CER according to very strict health parameters and taking into account their biophysical compatibility with the recipients. Donors are carefully evaluated both biologically and psychologically to ensure not only that they are not at risk but also that their eggs are of the best quality and characteristics possible.

The eggs obtained at the CER can be used immediately or frozen thanks to our advances in cryopreservation, until they are used. To this end, the CER currently has a Bank of frozen eggs, available to those who require them to fulfill their desire for pregnancy.

At CER, egg donors have an average age of 24 years (18 to 30 years) with proven fertility. Once they know the purposes of egg donation and agree to carry out this altruistic act, the following routine tests are performed to guarantee obtaining healthy eggs:

  • Complete clinical and gynecological evaluation to rule out all types of diseases.
  • Hormonal and fertility tests
  • Detection of infections: chlamydia, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, hepatitis, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV (AIDS virus), CMV (cytomegalovirus)
  • Detection of genetic abnormalities (karyotype analysis) and hereditary diseases. Currently we carry out extended panels of a large number of genetic mutations that may be present.
  • Psychological evaluation.

First egg donation program in Latin America

We are the first center in Latin America to develop an egg donation program that has been operating since 1987. We have had the first births in the region with donated eggs. Due to the long experience that has been perfected with technological advances, the CER is considered a local and international reference center in this area.

As a consequence of the above, we have a very agile egg donation program where both recipients and donors are evaluated and treated efficiently and effectively.

Due to its long experience in this topic, the CER has become a reference center in egg donation. We are concerned about thoroughly evaluating women willing to donate their eggs voluntarily and anonymously. And we put all our efforts into proceeding within the highest standards of biosafety and ethics.

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